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Our Philosophy

“Native PRIDE’s philosophy is to be “A Good Relative” in the facilitation of wellness and healing for Native youth, families, communities, and organizations.

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Mission Statement

To develop and implement culture, strengths, and spiritual based programs for Native people that inspire leadership, healing and wellness from colonization and multigenerational trauma. We believe Native people will walk into the light of goodness and beauty through a healing journey utilizing Native traditions, culture, and spirituality. 


For Native people to live the “Good Road of Life” filled with HOPE and PRIDE.

Core Values

We believe...

  1.  In creating a safe and sacred place for learning.

  2. In a trauma informed, culture and resilience based approach.

  3. That Native people can make positive changes.

  4. That Native people can assist and support each other.

  5. In the process that keeps HOPE alive and thriving.

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