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Native P.R.I.D.E.



Native P.R.I.D.E. (Prevention, Research, Intervention, Development, and Education) was founded in 2007 as an American Indian non-profit organization. This extended-family organization was founded by Clayton Small, Ph.D. (Northern Cheyenne) and Maha Charani, Ph.D., to develop and implement trauma informed, culture and resilience based curricula to assist Native people in their healing journey from historical and ongoing trauma. This approach will inspire wellness/healing, leadership development, and positive changes for individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

For Native people to live the  "Good Road of Life" filled with hope and pride.
"Changing Woman's Blessing"Andrew Thomas
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July 9-11, 2024

Spirit Lake Casino & Resort | North Dakota

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What We Offer

Trauma Informed, Culture
and Resilience Based Training


Evidence-based Peer Reviewed Published Articles

  • The Good Road of  Life (GRL) 3-Day Conference
    The Good Road of  Life (GRL) 3-Day Conference
    July 9-11, 2024
    Spirit Lake Casino and Resort
    July 9-11, 2024
    Spirit Lake Casino and Resort, 7889 ND-57, St Michael, ND 58370, USA
    3-Day conference highlighting the trauma-informed, culture and resilience-based training program. The topics include SB 2304 implementation, coping with multiple risk factors as a result of historical and ongoing trauma, self-care, facilitation and strategic planning.