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The Good Road of Life (GRL) Curriculum

The Good Road of Life is a trauma-informed, culture and resilience-based curriculum that utilizes peer support to overcome multiple risk factors including historical and everyday trauma. The model uses Dr. Clayton Small’s dissertation study completed at Gonzaga University that focused on wellness and healing for Native people.

The curriculum has been adapted to be appropriate for men, women, youth, families and organizations. As individuals address their personal wellness, they are capable of establishing healthy relationships, become competent in the workforce and be a contributing member to their communities. This journey can be enhanced through peer support, as well as, seeking help from health professionals and cultural healers. The implementation includes a training of trainer’s component, a 3-day retreat for participants and follow up homework that allows individuals to go deeper into several topics with peer and clinical support. The training includes creating a sacred place for learning, humor, interaction, and spirituality. The topics are introduced with stories, artwork and personal testimonies. There is a trainer and participant manual. The GRL is endorsed by tribal leaders and federal-state agencies as an effective cultural approach for Native populations.