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Clayton Small, Ph.D., CEO

Tribal Affiliation: Northern Cheyenne

He has experience as a school and university administrator, as well as, Director of two non-profit organizations and Indian Health Services administration. He has developed training programs for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Services, Department of Justice, and SAMHSA. He serves as Lead Trainer and his programs offer leadership and hope for Native people.

Maha Charani Small, Ph.D.,

Tribal Affiliation: Lebanese American

She has experience in education, counseling, and curriculum development. She supervises the curriculum development and implementation of programs. She is a founding member of the Native P.R.I.D.E. organization.

Raymond Reyes, Ph.D.

Tribal Affiliation: Hopi/Mexican

He serves as Program Evaluator for “The Good Road of Life” curriculum funded by the Administration for Native Americans (ANA). He serves as Academic Vice-President at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington and is a national and international motivational speaker.

Marie Kirk , Special Advisor

(Also a member of the Advisory Group)

Tribal Affiliation: She is a member of the Isleta Pueblo Tribe.

Isleta Pueblo is one of the 19 New Mexico Pueblos, located 13 miles south of Albuquerque. She is currently employed with the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc. as the HIV/AIDS Program Manager.

Jeni Small, Special Advisor

Tribal Affiliation: Northern Cheyenne

She is a founding board member for the Native P.R.I.D.E organization and is serving as a tribal council member for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana. Her background is film-making and videography. She has produced several documentaries on the strengths of Native people.


Advisory Group Members

Ernie Bighorn (Fort Peck Assiniboine Sioux Tribe) has a long experience working with Native American youth in leadership and educational development For thirty years, he was the Director of Indian Development and educational alliance, INC., providing personal, family, social, educational, and employment case-management services to Native children, youth, and families. 

Jillene Joseph (Gros Ventre), B.S., is the Executive Director for the Native Wellness Institute (NWI).  She is a national trainer/facilitator in prevention and leadership, as well as, successful administrator and grants writer for numerous programs.  Her personal mantra is “Living the Warrior’s Spirit: being positive, productive, and proactive.”

Don Pepion (Blackfeet), Ed.D. is currently an Associate Professor at New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) and former Director of their American Indian Program.  He has experience as President of the Blackfeet Community College, Tribal Health Director, and Housing Authority Director.

John Penn (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska) MSW, is the Executive Director for the Omaha Nation Crisis Response Team (ONCRT).  This organization serves the Omaha reservation with innovative programs that focus on suicide prevention, domestic violence, substance abuse prevention, juvenile delinquency, outpatient treatment services and rehabilitation.

William Penn (Squaxin Island/Quileute) is a staff member of the Native Wellness Institute (NWI) and former Tribal Council member and Tribal Health Director.  He is a 10 year Army veteran, tribal fisherman, and is involved in his tribe’s Canoe family as a singer, dancer, and canoe puller.

Frank Quinto (Tlingit/Filipino), MED is the TANF trainer for the Confederated Colville Tribes.  He is a skilled trainer/facilitator and has coordinated the Native men’s wellness program for the tribe.

Charles Tailfeathers Sr. (Cree/Blackfeet) is an army veteran and spiritual advisor who is a champion Northern traditional dancer, loving husband, father, and grandfather.  He has comprehensive experience in the Tribal justice system as a victim of crime advocate, creating a family wellness court, and elders/juvenile advocate.

Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas (Colville Confederated Tribes) has served as the Program Manager for the Colville Confederated Tribes Tribal Health Program since 2005.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in suicide prevention, early childhood education, family resources, counseling services, and drug elimination programs.

Glenda “Cindy” Washakie (Northern Arapaho) is the Director of the Northern Arapaho WIC and CDC Infant Mortality Prevention Program (Wind River reservation).  Their programs raise awareness of health disparities such as infant mortality through coalition-building (social services, IHS, TANF, Courts, CPS) and working directly with mothers, fathers, and elders by implementing support and focus groups.


Don Wetzel, Jr. (Blackfeet) Masters, Public Relations/Health Promotions is the Director of “Planting Seeds of Hope” program for the Montana/Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council that consists of Tribal leaders from each reservation from Montana and Wyoming.  They have implemented several exemplary prevention programs including “Planting Seeds of Hope,” a program focused on suicide prevention.



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